Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chic in the City, Sex and the City Event!!

Hey everyone!!!

Sooo, I am sorry I took so long to do a new post, I just had SO much going on this week. The mother of a little league football player, a 20 month old toddler, a student, and a wife, but I love it all!!! :)  My blessings!!

 So this past Friday,  me and the fellow BFF's (Blog Fab Fashionistas) were invited to a fabulous Chic in the City event that was hosted by Parker Simmons (a fellow BFF.and the founder and CEO of Everyday Runway) at the Bou Chic and Lounge in Atlanta GA!! This event was a BFF exclusive only event and I was HONORED to be in attendance. It was a night of fun and fashion,  BFF style.. I mean I really enjoyed myself.  The food was delicious. It was prepared by celebrity chef, The Bow Tie Chef , Soo Soo Tasty, and Popularity Sweets Cake pops. They even had a bartender!! They also had a DJ,  DJ  Mello  who kept us jamming on the dance floor. We snapped pictures, chowed down on the yummy food, talked amongst each other, and just had a good ol' time!! There was also drawings and giveaways, and I won a fabulous gift bag of goodies with one of the drawings!! The theme of the night was basically everyone had to come dressed as their FAVE Sex and the City character!! I decided to come dressed as Samantha.   Not only is she my favorite character, I also love her bold personality, confidence, and she really just don't care about any judgements people make about her. Her style is out of this world!! I love how she to dresses in loud, colorful, fashionable clothing and oh we can't forget her signature OVER THE TOP fabulous hats!!! I just love her!! Everyone at the event looked so fabulous in their character costumes and I took so many pictures!! There was a contest where whoever imitated their character the best would win a fabulous prize, and guess what guys and gals, I WON!!!!  YAYYY!!  I was sooo excited and thankful for being able to win the contest!! I took tons of pictures so check them out below!!!

So this was the fabulous refreshment table prepared by The Bow Tie Chef, Soo Soo Tasty, and KiwitheBEauty..

My girl Kiwithebeauty made the cake pops and they were DELICIOUS!! Check her at Popularity Sweets Cake pops!!!

So this Marconi cheese Salad made with turkey bacon was SO yummy, and it was prepared by chef, The Bow Tie Chef..

DELICIOUS Shish-kabobs prepared by chef, The Bow Tie Chef

The bartender had pretty margarita's ready for the ladies to enjoy!!! I didn't get to taste them because I am not a drinker, but the ladies said they were delicious!!

Cucumber water prepared by chef The Bow Tie Chef was so refreshing!!

So this is the FABULOUS host that hosted this event. Parker Simmons founder and CEO of Everyday Runway!! She was dressed like Carrie from a scene in Sex and the City and she looked awesome!! I loved her outfit!!

Parker Simmons her beautiful mother!!

We had little cute props that went with the Sex and the City theme so we took pictures with them!! From left to right, Parker, her mother, the fabulous Virtuous Styles, and me!!

DJ Mello was jamming!!

The delicious cake balls prepared by Soo Soo Tasty!!

The fabulous Spoiled-diva (left) who was dressed as Samantha as well, and  who ALSO designs some of the most beautifulest clutches I have ever seen posing with our fabulous  host Parker Simmons!!

This one of the clutches she designed!!! FABULOUS!! Check her out at Spoiled diva!!

The BFF (left) in charge, the founder of Blog Fab Fashionistas (BFF), OhNikka, Mrs. Nikka Shae posing with the host Parker!! Nikka was dressed as Carrie from Sex and the City.

Spoiled Diva and I (Both dressed as Samantha) posing for the camera!!!

I love this picture of us!!
The beautiful Keren Charles!! Check out her blog Two Stylish Kays!!!

The diva, Kiwi the Beauty, and also the diva responsible for the delicious cake pops!! Love this!!

The Fabulous Soo Soo Tasty make the YUMMY cake balls for the event!! She was dressed as Carrie!!
The BEAUTIFUL Mariana Miley of Beyond Greatness Event Planning posing as Samantha!! Loved her dress!!

The beautiful Dee Dee the founder of  Pretty Girl Rock Dresses posing for the camera!! She came as Carrie as well!! Loved her outfit!! 

I love this picture of me and BFF, OhNikka, Mrs. Nikka Shae!!!

Group shot of all of the GORGEOUS BFF's dressed as their favorite character from Sex and the City.

Another Shot!!! I love it!! So FABULOUS!!

I was one of the winners for the gift bag giveaways!! YAYY!!


Left to Right... My bestie, Alicia looking fabulous as Samantha, and Candace also looking fabulous dressed as Samantha!!! Check out both of there blogs at Alica (allymcglam) and Candace (Cotton Candi Curls)

Me posing with   The Bow Tie Chef who made the delicious refreshments!!!

Diva's!!! Left to right, the fabulous bloggers Neshanta who was dressed as Carrie , me, and Fancy Curves who was dressed as Miranda

So as I stated earlier they had a contest where whoever imitated their favorite Sex and the City character the best would win a prize!!! I WON THE CONTEST!!!! Yayyy!! I was so excited and here I am posing with all the goodies from sponsors, giveaways and the FABULOUS grand prize for winning the character contest!!!

Check out all the goodies I won from the Character Contest!! I am so happy!! I can't wait to enjoy all my goodies I won from this contest!!

I used this picture of Samantha for an idea!!!

The Look:

Blazer:Had in closet for months
Jumper: Had for years
Hat: Charming Charlie
Shoes Enzo Angiolini
Purse: Vintage Fendi,


  1. This is a superDIVA Recap! Lol
    The photos and are perfect and so were you as always;) It's time for our thrifting luncheon! Lol
    Tastefully SoSo

  2. Great recap!! I had a blast too. Congrats on your big win!

  3. Great post! Thank you do much for coming and I'm glad you had a great time! You looked so FAB dressed as Samantha and I'm glad you won the grand prize!

  4. Thank you all sooo much!! SOO, yes we have to plan one soon!!!

  5. awesome recap! I had so much fun hanging out with you girls :)

  6. Great RECAP & nice pictures... In STILL want your camera!!!!! Lol!!!!


  7. Great Recap!! We had a blast and I got a chance to dance hadnt done that in a while!!!

  8. Wonderful recap!!!! What a great night!!!! Congrats on your win too!!!