Thursday, September 27, 2012


Happy Thursday!!!!

I hope everyone has had a FABULOUS week. I know I did!! God is so awesome!!! Wouldn't you agree???

 So this past Sunday, me and some other chickarita's attended an event called "The House of Chicks" which was hosted my girl Kiwi The Beauty!! The event was held at an boutique called  "House of Couture" in Atlanta. This was an unique experience where we all came together and had "Chick-chat" conversations! We basically chatted about Reality TV vs. Reality Life. Some of the questions we chatted about where What do you think of the Ocho Cinco/Evelyn marriage drama? The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta series and the portrayal of African American women in ATL? Does it take a reality show to get celebrity men to finally step up to the plate and commit to marriage (Chrissy & Jim Jones, Scrappy & Erica, etc...) and more! It was really fun and me and the other chickarita's enjoyed some delicious nachos, Taco's and some special drinks!!! This event was so fabulous!! I am so proud of my girl Kiwi, and I can't wait to attend the next event she hosts!! She also makes YUMMY cake pops!!  Check out her blog at

So, this is the outfit I choose to wear to this fabulous event. I recently got the shoes which are pictured below, off of my favorite place to shop, EBAY!!  The shirt and pants are from Ashley Stewart's clearance rack, (paid less than $15.00)... accessories, belt: thrift store, clutch: thrift store, necklace and bangles: E bay!!!

I LOVE these shoes!!! .

 This is me and the FABULOUS host Kiwi!!
 She was so Gorgeous... She was styled by the celebrity stylist Melvin!!

A group shot of me and all the beautiful, fabulous chickarita's that attended this fun, classy, fabulous event!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

New boots that didn't cost me a dime!!

Hey dolls,

So this week I have been so busy, but I am always on the hunt for some CUTE stylish shoes that won't break the bank!! I LOVE to shop on Ebay, and I came across these lovely wedge boots that I just had to HAVE in my collection!! They where only 50 dollars, but I love to shop on a budget. So I took some shoes out of my closet that had for a while, and I don't wear anymore, sold them on Ebay, and Taadaaaa!!!!! I had the money to buy my cute new boots that I had purchased off Ebay!!! It's basically like doing a trade, and I do this ANY time I want new shoes off Ebay!!  I can't wait to hook them up with this cute boyfriend blazer I've had in my closet for years. I will post pics of the whole outfit when I wear them but in the meantime, here are the fashionably stylish boots!!!  Smooches!!

What defines a "DIVA"

Hey Dolls,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far. I wanted to add a post on my personal opinion on what  I think classifies a woman as a "Diva". The most importantly thing a "Diva" MUST know how to do FIRST is too PRAY for herself, family, friends, and to ALWAYS put God first. God is our source, our provider, and so much more.  It is very important that she is actively attends church, read  scriptures from the bible, and keeps a positive encouraging mindset..  Secondly, a "Diva" isn't JUST a woman that knows how to just dress pretty, who wears all designer clothing, expensive shoes, expensive handbags, or who wears a best makeup.   A "Diva" is a woman who carry's herself gracefully. She can put a outfit together whether it is from Neiman Marcus, or Rainbow. It is not about the quality of the clothing you wear, it is about HOW  you wear them. I have always been a woman that LOVE clothing, shoes, accessories  and never really cared where I my items came from because I know I can put them all together to create a nice classy, fashionable outfit!! A "Diva" is also a woman who knows how to manage taking care of her kids, spending time with her husband and taking care of her  household as well. She knows how to attend events (PTA meetings, school conferences, recitals, sporting events and etc) for the kids, still have dinner ready, keep a smile on her husbands face, keep the house clean, decorate her home, spend time with her girlfriends, and know how to save for a rainy day.  I know that sounds like a lot but a real "DIVA" must know how to multitask . Also, she should know how to be a loyal, trustworthy, supportive friend.  Finally, a "DIVA" is someone who is aggressive, independent, confident, classy, humble, and just overall a Proverbs 31 woman

So that is my definition of  a "DIVA"  and my blog will not only share ways on how to be fashionable, but to also know to pray, cook, decorate your home, be fashionable inexpensively, be crafty and so much more. I can't wait!! Welcome to world of DIVAXPRESS, were being a diva is more than just looking fly!!!  


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Post in DivaXpress

Hello All!!! I hope everyone has had a fabulous day! I am so excited to FINALLY start my own blog!! I will posting tons of information on any and everything, but mostly on how to be fabulous on a budget!! Every woman should know how to love herself, and be fabulous!!! I am so excited and can't wait to have fun with my new blog!! Smoooches!!