Saturday, September 22, 2012

New boots that didn't cost me a dime!!

Hey dolls,

So this week I have been so busy, but I am always on the hunt for some CUTE stylish shoes that won't break the bank!! I LOVE to shop on Ebay, and I came across these lovely wedge boots that I just had to HAVE in my collection!! They where only 50 dollars, but I love to shop on a budget. So I took some shoes out of my closet that had for a while, and I don't wear anymore, sold them on Ebay, and Taadaaaa!!!!! I had the money to buy my cute new boots that I had purchased off Ebay!!! It's basically like doing a trade, and I do this ANY time I want new shoes off Ebay!!  I can't wait to hook them up with this cute boyfriend blazer I've had in my closet for years. I will post pics of the whole outfit when I wear them but in the meantime, here are the fashionably stylish boots!!!  Smooches!!