Sunday, December 2, 2012

Made from Scratch Christmas Wreath!!

Happy December!!!

Hey guys, I know it has been a while since I been on my blog, but I just been so busy with school, traveling, shopping, spending time with my family and etc...LOL But I am back!! Christmas is right around the corner and I am so excited. I love to decorate my home for Christmas. I have so much stuff, and I just Love to decorate my home like it's in a winter  I did get a chance to finish making one of my MANY wreaths that I am going to put up in my "pink" Christmas section in my foyer. I make at least two wreaths every year to put inside my home, and one big one for the front door.  I normally go out after Christmas and rack up and get tons of stuff for decorating, so I won't break my pockets during the Christmas Season!!

 So the wreath I used, I made last year and had it over my fireplace,  but I decided to recycle it and just add new colors... The original colors I used where red and silver, and I wanted to keep the silver and just now do pink and silver. So I just took out the red and added pink!!!! So guys basically what I started out with was a plain Jane old wreath, which I got two years ago after Christmas for 4.99 on clearance!! It is huge!! I Love it, and I have a couple of them..LOL  I then went to Hobby Lobby (or you can go to Michaels) and just buy the little pieces they sell that you can stick on your Christmas tree for decoration.. (they have tons AFTER Christmas on clearance) Most of them come already in a decorative bundle so you can just add it to your wreath!! You will also need a glue gun and glue sticks. Most of the decorative bundles I brought were between 10 cents to 40 cents, 80 to 90% off!!!!  Then just glue, glue, glue until you get the look you are looking for. As far as the bow, I just took some Christmas ribbon and made my bow!!!   Check out the pics below, and just email me if you have any questions!! Don't pay all those sky high prices for a wreath!! :) Make your own FABULOUS wreath for Christmas!!!  It's SO SO easy!!

So this is the Wreath I made last year my son is holding up for I made it from scratch.. I added all the decorations myself!!!!

Close up of the decor on last year's wreath.

Another Close up...

This is the SAME wreath as pictured above...First, I just removed off the red pieces on the wreath and add my pink balls...Also pictured here is my glue gun, and the glue sticks...So easy and fun!!!

This is the new style I created on the wreath.. The flash is on on my camera but the final result (very last pic) will be have the flash off so you can really see the colors...

The original bow that I made last year that was also on the wreath.. (made this with Christmas Ribbon)

I added this little bundle to the bow to give it some character.. I just love it!!

This is the final product.. It came out so pretty and I can't wait to add it to my "pink" section in my home for Christmas!!! (I turned off the flash so you can get a better look at the colors)

 I will be posting my pics of my other decorations around my home this month!!! Happy Holidays!!



  1. Hey Mrs. Martha Sewart lol. Girl I love it. So creative and the colors are beautiful. I will be trying that.

    1. Thank you so much girl!! Yes it is so easy and cost effective!!!